Curriculum Vitae

Zamuel Hube was born in 1977 in Pori in western Finland. He moved to Helsinki in 1998. Lived and worked in Helsinki until 2014. Nowadays living and working in Turku.

Zamuel Hube was one of the ten young talented artist in ”Taiteilijaelämää Salmelassa” tv-serie. The 8 episodes were displayed in Finnish TV channel MTV3 in 2011.

Charity auctions:

Unicef, Tukikummit ry and Jyväskylä University

Private exhibitions:

2013 “The Wind Factories”, Gallery Art Frida, Helsinki
2011 S-Gallery, Window gallery in Sokos, Helsinki
2010 Galerie Oljemark, Helsinki
2009 ”Outside of my own comfort zone”. S-Gallery, Helsinki
2008 ”Summer night with Zamuel Hube”. Fanny bar & kitchen, Helsinki
2008 ”Pori by the eyes of surrealist”. City library, Pori
2007 Restaurant Nuevo, During the “Night of the arts”, Helsinki
2007 ”The Dancing Matador”. Gallery Art Alex, Helsinki

Group exhibitions:

2015 Ars Kalmari summer exhibition, Villa Danielsson Kalmari, Vääksy
2014 Surrealistic show. Pietarsaari
2013 “Little treasures”, Galerie de Marci, Bologna Italia
2013 Gallery Art Frida, Eastern special, Helsinki
2012 Art centre Salmela, Mäntyharju
2012 Galleria Art Frida, Eastern special, Helsinki
2011 ArtHelsinki 11 -Contemporary art fair. Expo and convention
centre, Helsinki
2011 Art centre Salmela, Mäntyharju
2010 ArtHelsinki 10 -Contemporary art fair. Expo and convention
centre, Helsinki
2010 Galerie Oljemarks summer exhibition. Villa Jokela, Hämeenkoski
2010 Surrealists at Lempäälä VI. Surrealistic exhibition, Piippokeskus
2009 Finland-Portugal Art festival II. Galeria do Palacio, Porto Portugali
2009 Zamuel Hube & Bruno Maximus. Gallery Angelo, Pori
2009 Surrealists at Lempäälä V. Surrealistic exhibition, Piippokeskus
2009 Surrealists at Tuuri IV. Surrealistic exhibition, Töysä Tuuri
2008 Surrealists at Vaasa II. Surrealistic exhibition, Gallery Helin, Vaasa
2007 Finland-Portugal Art festival I. Casa de cultural de Gaia, Porto
2007 Surrealism and Hypnorealism. Kanneltalo Gallery, Helsinki
2007 Surrealists at Tuuri III. Surrealistic exhibition, Töysä Tuuri
2007 17in1, Pori
2007 Surrealists at Mustasaari. Surrealistic exhibition. Vaasa
2007 Surrealists at Vaasa. Surrealistic exhibition. Atelje Torni, Vaasa
2006 Surrealists at Tuuri II. Surrealistic exhibition, Töysä Tuuri
2005 Surrealists at Tuuri. Surrealistic exhibition, Töysän Tuuri
2002 Naivististic show, Gallery Art Alex, Helsinki
1996 Pori art associations exhibition, Pori
1995 Pori art associations exhibition, Pori