Art for peace


I don´t usually connect my surrealistic timeless paintings to certain time or moment in ordinary life.

As most of the time, I paint joy, freedom, and solidarity. I paint people working together. I paint equality. I paint utopist visions of peace. I paint peace of mind.

I welcome You to the Wind Factory where people are working equally for sustainable future. People are also taking care of nature along taking care of each other.

I started to paint this imaginary Wind Factory in spring 2022. My goal was to paint the Wind Factory where people are doing things together since covid time separated people widely. It looked like that finally our lives are getting back to normal. I wanted to reflect the opening of society also on this painting.

Almost immediately in early state of this process it happened that Russian attack to Ukraine started. Since that, I was in the middle of very personal painting process and hearing and seeing the unexpected acts of war on European soil. The fact that our country and Russia have 1343 km common boarder, and many confluences in history, makes situation even more multidimensional. This painting process was totally something else I planned. However, the actions in Ukraine and the fact how fast this war united the Europe and other nations, gave me some extra strength to create and work. So, I think it is ok to say that eventually this painting is my requiem, this is my Via Dolorosa, this is where I hide and where I partly reborn when awful things started to happen in spring 2022. For me this painting represents peace, freedom, and equality.

We can turn the nightmares to daydreams

I think that modern people recognize too easily the act of war, the signs of tyranny and the endless appetite of the greed ruler.

People recognize the faces of forgotten, hated and discriminated people. The facades of chaos. Destroyed cities and discarded villages are too familiar for people. The ruthless images of suffering society and lost individuals are just an inevitable part of our empty scrolling routine.

Modern people don´t see the empathy, tolerance, or forgiveness. They don´t recognize the acts of respect, love, acceptance, or empathy. The peace around us is too obvious for people to stop and give a moment to uphold humanity and actions based on pure values.

People who have no experience of lasting peace in their life, don´t understand the talk of peace and the talk of working for peace.

What is our role in work for peace? Our responsibility is to create the conditions for uprise of GOOD. We have knowledge. We have will and in modern society we have tools to create chances for the sprout. We can seed, scatter, and feed the small actions to spring the unlimited future expectations for those who can´t see the hope by they own eyes. We can educate. We should support. Especially we must show that we care.

We know what we are capable, but we don´t yet know that we are even more capable. The sustainable development and increase of solidarity help us to work. Helps us to work based on real values.

By supporting the education and motivation of minorities and outsiders we can create base and spread the seed of the construction of the tomorrow´s humankind.  Tomorrow humankind is facing the same challenges and questions than we, but it’s our task to make them more prepared and capable to face these challenges. By giving them a chance today, we give a chance for humankind tomorrow.

By taking care of our own minorities, we show the important example for those who don´t take care of theirs. They need example and tools not just finger pointing.

We can constructively and lovingly make them recognize the act of peace, the signs of forgiveness, the hospitality of the modern leaders and people. We can educate them to recognize the faces of humans with right values, realistic future expectations, and equal opportunities.

Instead of empty scrolling, we can use our capacity to build the hopes and dreams, picture by picture, act by act, day by day. We can turn the nightmares to daydreams, we can turn focus on good and justice instead of feeding the terror.

If you are too small, too weak, or just inhibited to create peace, you can still nurture the seeds of peace by creating the conditions for hopes, dreams, and motivation. Show the example of life based on education, right values, equality and understanding. Small things matters when it´s about humanity and the future of humankind.

Working for peace – picture by picture, painting by painting.

Zamuel Hube